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Monday, December 7, 2020

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News From the Herd--December 7, 2020

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Thank you for wearing masks, and following all the social distancing

guidelines set by our school district.

A Word From Our Principal

Can be found here:

Buffalo Trail Stampede December 2020

You should have received a PDF copy of our Buffalo Trail Family Handbook with the email welcoming your child to their current grade. As you know, procedures and information changes frequently during our current reality. We are constantly reviewing, re-assessing, and revising procedures with staff and students – we’ve made a handful of adjustments since having our students for the phased-in week and since having all grade levels in, all day. To that end, we have decided it is best for us to share the link to our Buffalo Trail Family Handbook with you (as opposed to emailing PDF copies) so you will have the “living” document and can see the most up to date information.

You can find a copy here: Family Handbook

Parent Information Network (P.I.N.)

For Cherry Creek Schools


Here is the recap from the December Meeting:

 Rachel Kodanaz: Embracing Life’s Challenges: Turning 2020 losses into 2021 gains

Introduction by Susu Dugas about CCSD security personnel.

District chief Security personnel - Sarah Joswick

This year very different mental health related incidents, cyber safety not only crime and safety.

 Ian Lopez - security protocols.

5 basic emergency protocols given can't be implemented due to Covid restrictions.

SRO(school resource officers) services according to counties and schools in order to build relationships with staff and provide resources and support to school.

It's a national program with basic and advanced course training.

Positions available at PIN:

Talk by Bobby Turner - Treasurer.

1)Recording Secretary: Attend PIN’s board meetings and create board minutes (a summary of the discussion). 

Est. time: 2.5 hrs. on the second Tues. of each month from 9:15-11:15.

 2)Communications coordinator:

2-4 hours /month.

3)Treasurer assistant:

Assist with finance in updating financial spreadsheets.

1 hour/month.

4)Programming assistant:

Takes care of the needs speakers have every month.

1-3 hours / month.

Speaker - Rachael Kodanaz

She has been affected by Covid and was hospitalized and treated but people had different views and opinions. 

1)How covid has affected lives in 2020 and how things will change in 2021?

2)How was 2019 before covid affected us?

3)What are the advantages and disadvantages of having an environment with covid?

80% of people felt positive and found ways to live whereas 20% felt negative about government and school decisions.

Put on a flexi glass to avoid being judgmental and losing your mind. Believe in yourself that you can.

The conclusion, though the challenges and the losses are unavoidable everybody tries to find a way to work around and bring in new changes. So in 2021 try something 'NEW' and below are some suggestions.

Q & A and suggestions and attendee chats:

from Susu Dugas to all panelists and attendees:10:33 AM

We have had so much fun making puzzles, playing games, and cooking together too!

I like to assume that most people are doing the best they can with the tools they have... and know that some people don't have too many tools in their toolbelt!

From Trish Devieux to all panelists and attendees:10:35 AM

You are correct. Be Kind. Be patient. Love more!

From Susu Dugas to all panelists and attendees:10:37 AM

What are your ideas for specifics for a self-care plan? Other people's practices?

From Trish Devieux to all panelists and attendees:10:43 AM

I would like to suggest online classes. There are a lot of FREE online classes - from arts & crafts to "The Science of Happiness" from a Yale professor.

From Susu Dugas to all panelists and attendees:10:54 AM

I like to enter into a conversation with others, either in person, virtual, or via email/social media... What has been your biggest loss during this time, what has been your unanticipated silver lining through this time, what do you hope will not go back to normal?

 The two orange books are amazing resources, thank you.

"Wishing everyone happy holidays and a wonderful new year!"

School Spirit Wear 

Purchase Spirit Wear online at:


Did you know they have masks too?

Stock up for Christmas!

Winter Break is from December 21, 2020 with students

returning to school on January 6, 2021.



With COVID changing everything, the PTO has been unable to 

do the fundraisers we normally do.  Even though school is remote, 

the PTO still provides funds for teacher grants (to help pay for supplies 

that teachers would pay for out of pocket), teacher assistants, and

subscriptions to magazines for the library just to name a few.

You can still help our school just by shopping at Amazon Smile and choosing BTE as your charity, by purchasing a King Soopers Card or by scanning receipts and clipping BOX TOPS for submission.  All of these little steps help

our fundraising efforts and doesn’t add any cost to our parents.

Why not get extended family involved?!?!

We would love the extra help.  THANKS!!!

With the holidays approaching shop at Amazon Smile!

During this time of social distancing, think of BTE when purchasing from Amazon.  It doesn’t cost you anything but provides extra funds for our school.

Amazon - smile.amazon.com - Select Buffalo Trail Elementary PTO as your charity 


We are still collecting Box Tops to get to our goal.  Since the entire shopping experience has changed for so many of us, Box Tops for Education has developed another way for us to continue to earn our Box Tops.  We know that this requires an extra step, or maybe two, but we really would love your help in reaching our goal.

To date we have earned $139.50 of our $1000 goal.  With limited opportunities

to have fundraisers this year, we hope to make this one count.

Download the app to your phone to scan receipts and choose Buffalo Trail

Elementary as your school, it’s that easy!  You can have grandparents,

Aunts, Uncles, and really anyone can help out too!

Or for online receipts...

Please see this link:

Box Tops Email Receipts

More ways to give!

King Soopers or City Market reloadable card - www.kingsoopers.com or www.citymarket.com Once logged into your account search for Buffalo Trail Elementary PTCO either by name or VD254 and then click enroll.

Office Depot/Max Simply make a purchase of qualifying products provide our school ID #70215818 at check out (they can look up our school by name) and Buffalo Trail receives 5% back in credits for FREE supplies!

United Way - Buffalo Trail receives donations from the United Way. If you give to United Way or one of their agencies, you can designate Buffalo Trail Elementary as a recipient.

While we can’t accept them while school is closed, 

Please save them up for us!

is a program sponsored by Longmont Dairy that helps students earn money for their school and students. Longmont Dairy milk caps are worth 5¢ each and are redeemable for cash by participating schools only. Participating is easy as 1-2-3! 

1. Drink Longmont Dairy Milk 

(Eligible cap products include: Milk, Chocolate Milk, Strawberry Milk, Half & Half, Whipping Cream, Orange Juice, Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, Classic and Cinnamon Eggnog.) 

2. Save the bottle caps. Save as many as you can—from your bottles, or collect them from your family and neighbors. 

3. Bring your milk caps to school and put them into the collection box in the main hallway. 

**Longmont Dairy Caps only, please!!** 

 Important Dates Coming Up:

Winter Break - December 21st through January 5

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