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General Meeting Notes

CCSD PTC Council Inc. Buffalo Trail PTCO DBA Buffalo Trail PTCO
24300 E Progress Dr. Aurora, CO 80016
PTCO General & SAAC meeting
Date:  November 13, 2019

Call to order time: 6:01PM

Secretary Report
Motion to approve general meeting minutes from September 11, 2019
Motion approved

Special Guests: Dr. Bixby & Ms. Schuh
Buffalo Trail is fortunate to have a curriculum for each grade level to support age appropriate social and emotional development. Teaching children empathy, conflict resolution, emotions management and a bully-proofing unit.
Dr. Bixby (School psychologist) & Ms. Schuh (School social worker) use the curriculum from the:
Second Step Program.
Excerpt from Second Step Program – Why this Unit Matters:
To be successful in school, students must be able to regulate their emotions, thoughts and behaviors. This ability to self-regulate allows for more productive participation in learning activities and successful relations with peers and adults. Self-regulation skills support both academic achievement and the development of social-emotion competencies in elementary students.
The elementary Second Step program promotes the development of self-regulation skills and improved participation in learning through its focus on skills for learning. Focusing attention, listening, using self-talk, and being assertive are skills students must be able to integrate and apply in order to be successful in diverse learning environments. Since the skills for learning are the foundational to social-emotional competencies necessary for having empathy, managing emotions and solving problems, they are also woven into the program’s units.
Puppets (Puppy or Snail) are used for the younger children whereas videos are used for the older children

Parents, a teacher or other school professionals can address any concerns regarding a student to Dr. Bixby or Ms. Schuh.
Dr. Bixby or Ms. Schuh can conduct an Assessment with the child/student to help them determine if a child may require further attention or assistance.
These assessments have become more prevalent in the Cherry Creek School District. 

Intervention Topics:
·         Warning signs
·         Depression
·         Self-Harm
·         Suicide/Suicide Prevention
·         Bullying (example: normal conflict vs. bullying)
·         Prevention

Associated File Attachments:
*Coping skills wheel
*Tips for keeping your child safe
*Second Step Program Grade 4 Scope & Sequence Lessons/Concepts/Objectives
*Second Step Program Grade 5 Scope & Sequence Lessons/Concepts/Objectives

Discussion Starters with kids other than “How was your day?”
Who is your trusted adult? Does a child feel they have sources of strength in their lives? Adults they can trust.
What was the low point and high point of your day?
Name something positive that happened to you today.

Principal’s Report/SAAC Meeting:
Current enrollment: 665 students comprised of 7% Asian, 11% Black/African American, 18% Hispanic, 53% White, 11% Multiple Races
UIP – Unified Improvement Plan - Focus: Reading & Literacy
Trend: Achievement data in ELA (English Language Arts) has declined over the last three years. Median Growth Percentile in ELA has declined or stagnated over the past three years.
Root Cause: There are inconsistent instructional practices in reading across all grade levels
Target: Raise overall ELA proficiency scores by 3% each year for the next two years while increasing proficiency scores for students of color by 4% each year over the next two years.
Raise the overall MGP by 4 points each year for the next two years. 

President’s Report:
Treasurer’s Report:
BTPTCO Profit and Loss Report

85% Students Registered
74% Pledged (2018 – 72%)
Total Profit: $33,122.21
Highest Collecting Student per grade awarded 4 Boondocks All Access Passes
Pledges came from friends & family in 44 States & 5 Countries
Raised funds have been spent on the concrete pour and shed to house the new tractor with blade. The new shed is located over by the bus loop across from the cafeteria door entrance.
Currently looking for suggestions
Suggestions from meeting:
·         Quarter Auction
·         Volunteer-a-thon
·         Pink Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser
Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated.
Community Nights:
Total Profit: $2100+
Next Community Night: Five Guys Wednesday December 11
Spirit Wear:
Total Profit: $1600
Long Sleeve shirts will be available for sale at the Winter Event
Box Tops:
Total Profit: $465.30
Next submission March 1st
Please keep scanning and clipping. Box Top Robot located by the front office ready to eat Box Tops!
Book Fair:
Approximate Profit: $4,000
$9,000 total
Next book fair in Spring 2020

The Cherry Creek School District Superintendent determines snow days/late starts with the available data collected at 5:30am. Please use this link regarding the process.

The idea was presented by Tracy Ramakrishnan to give teacher’s a preferences form to fill out so that parents and/or students who  choose to voluntarily gift give to said teacher have a good idea of what their teacher likes.
o   Tamara will present the idea to staff on Wednesday at the staff meeting.
o   Veronica advised she can publish completed lists on the blog for easier access to everyone

Another suggestion was to add: Favorite Nail Salon

Thank you all for your attendance

Meeting adjourned time: 7:28PM