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Ways To Get Involved

Ways To Get Involved

We need you to be involved! Volunteering is a way for you to give back to the education you appreciate from Buffalo Trail! We know time is valuable and limited, but everyone has an hour or two during the year and if we all find a way to get involved then it does not fall to a few.

Places to get INVOLVED!

Please take a look at the opportunities that are available and let us know if you are interested in one or more areas.

  • PTCO Classroom Representative

Each teacher needs a PTCO Classroom Representative for their classroom. Duties include attending PTCO General meetings, assisting teachers with PTCO tasks, informing and coordinating other parents in your child's classroom.

  • Classroom Volunteer

Helping out your child's teacher as needed on a regular basis or for special projects.

  • Library

Check in/out books during class library periods. May coordinate with your child's class.

  • School Pictures

Escort classes to the photo location at their scheduled time, facilitate completion of student forms if necessary, direct students waiting for pictures. 

  • Hearing/Vision

Assist the school nurse with screening. Training is provided (Half-day commitment).

  • Book Fair

Help set up/take down displays during the Book Fair (late fall/early spring). Shifts are made available and include times in the morning and evening during teacher conferences.

  • Yearbook Helper

Assists with taking pictures for the yearbook.

  • General Volunteering

Helps throughout the year when available by participating in school events in various positions to help the event run smoothly. Responsibilities vary, but options include setting up/tearing down, passing out items, manning tables, and other simple but very necessary tasks.    

  • Direct PTCO Service

Board/Chair Positions: This is the heart of our organization—recruiting, funneling, directing volunteers to events & programs, matching wants and needs with resources, always on the look-out for someone who might want to get involved, but who doesn't know how. You are a very public face to our PTCO! 

PTCO Audit

Review the PTCO financial and legal documents against a prepared checklist (provided by the State PTCO office) for compliance with regulations, policies and best practices. Identify any required amendments and recommend improvements. A working knowledge of finances and PTCO practices is useful, but not required.

2022-2023 PTCO Board Members and Chairpersons

President: Robyn Bristol

Treasurer: Nicole Bailey

Vice President/Fundraising: Melissa Brondel

Vice President/Operations: Alofa Staley

Secretary: Andi Christinson

Fundraising: Heather Lasinski

Yearbook: Alofa Staley

There is a place for everyone here, so please look for your spot and let us know where you fit. Drop us an email and we will make sure you are put in contact with that committee! We NEED you, so don’t think someone else will do it! It is YOU we need!