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Sunday, September 30, 2018

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Buffalo Trail PTCO
News From the Herd--October 1st, 2018
Welcome back to school! We hope that you'll take a moment to read this blast each week to find ways that you can and help make Buffalo Trail a great place for our kids.
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The Buffalo Trail Fall Festival is scheduled for Friday, October 26th from 6:30-8:30.  Buy your tickets ahead of time to save $ and time!! You should have received a form in your child’s Thursday folder last week to pre-order your tickets.  There will be food, games, trunk or treating, face painting, tattoo artists and balloon animals!! We need volunteers to help with games, managing lines, helping with food and decorating a car for the trunk or treat. Please sign up on the links below if you can help!!
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Thank you to all of our volunteers and sponsors who helped us to meet our fundraising goals.  And thanks to our students for running to raise money for our school!! Thank you to Lauren Stavenger, Lisa Carbol, Amber Bartz, Wendy Contes, Lakayla Zellers, Cat Hughes, Cory Lattimore, Krysta Gibbs, Yamira Prete, Libby Prott, Stacy Pelletier, Jane Debus, Emily B. Spencer, Sundari Mahesh, Kristen McConkie,  Shana Barela, Graciela Ortiz, Wendy Kuzminski, Devony Wilson, Mark Spence, Tiffany Metzger, Stacey Dagenhart, Kristen Schmidt, Dinisha McKinion, Marisa Serna, Melanie McIlroy, Alofa Staley, and Stephanie Payne for help at the water station!
The students have earned the following spirit days for their efforts!
Tuesday October 2nd--Sports Day!! Wear your favorite team’s colors or jersey!
Tuesday October 23rd--Hat Day
Tuesday October 31st--Pajama Day
Monday November 5th Character Day--Dress as your favorite book, movie, cartoon character.
Pledges can still be made and collected through October 5th!!

Download the Buffalo Trail app in order to get the most up to date information about what’s going on at Buffalo Trail! Use the qr code above or go to the app store and download the buffalo trail elementary app--it’s free!!

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Come support Buffalo Trail by eating out on Tuesday, October 2nd at Old Chicago!  Be sure to mention that you’re there to support BTE!
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Neela Suresh is our school’s P.I.N. Representative.  She attends meetings each month and takes notes that we will share with all of you!
This month’s topic was: Sex, drugs, and social media: Legal pitfalls for students 14 years and up.
The meeting was conducted by the attorneys at Foster Graham Milstein and Calisher, LLP.  These are the topics that were covered.
Vaping:  Use of device instead of tobacco.  Not healthy and equivalent to smoking marijuana.  It is now very tough to expunge from a juvenile record.  If caught, getting into college is difficult because it will appear in records.  Under age 21 vaping and marijuana are both illegal. Distribution of a controlled substance is a class 3 felony. Kids can also be charged with MIP and if driving, their license can be suspended.
DUI: This is a lifetime offense for kids.  Using a fake ID is also a felony.  Forgery is a class 4 felony. This also can result in a suspended driver’s license.  It can hinder scholarship and financial assistance as well as employment and enrollment in college.

Contributing to the delinquency of a minor- If parents assist their child in these offenses, it is a class 4 felony.  Parents get punished as well as kids!
Know your rights-
Can school officials search back packs and lockers? YES
Can students be removed form school based on these searches? YES
Can a police officer search your car? NO you can politely refuse, BUT if he has a warrant, you must let them do their duty.

Social Media: Kids are spending 9 hours a day on social media and .7 hours exercising. They recommended www.netnanny.com to help watch kids phones or monitor their activity.  There are also apps that look like a calculator that promote child pornography. Please be aware of what your children are seeing on their phones.

Important Dates Coming Up:
Oct 2 Old Chicago Night
Oct 2 Sports Day
Oct 8-19th Fall Break!!
Oct 23 Hat Day
Oct 26 Fall Event 6:30-8:30pm
Oct 31 Pajama Day
Nov 5 Character Day

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