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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Buffalo Trail PTCO
News From the Herd--January 15th, 2018
Welcome back to school! We hope that you'll take a moment to read this blast each week to find ways that you can and help make Buffalo Trail a great place for our kids.
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Please join us for a PTCO meeting on Wednesday, January 17th at 6pm in the Buffalo Trail Library.  Babysitting is provided.  Special guest speaker will be Derrick Tanner from Eat Neat.

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Would you like to share your family’s culture with the Buffalo Trail community?  Please sign up below to set up a table, share a song or dance or bring a dish that is special to your family.  Please come and enjoy learning about the many cultures at BT on January 18th 6:30-8pm. Hope to see you there!
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Eat at Chik Fil A all day long on TUESDAY, January 16th to benefit our school!  Please mention you are there to support BTE!

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Neela Suresh is our BTE  P.I.N. representative.  She attends meetings every other month and would like to share the great information with all of you! Last months topic was:
This is only a test : Reducing anxiety , Learning Strategies , Improving Results- presented by Joshua Ruderman.
  • Solid scores starts with solid notetaking , which includes 90% of listening very actively , before taking notes, absorbing , decode , memorize , make connections between topics and then review the teacher says after class.
Preparing for the test :-
  • Before the test ask the teacher for the portions included.
  • Write down the main ideas and other things relevant to the topics.
  • Clear the doubts before the exam.
  • Make it short and easy , this advice is for both parents and teachers thus enhancing their willingness to engage and participate in conversation and studies.
During the test :-
  • Exercise such as jogging or walking in fresh air helps to  keep the mind clear.
  • Eat well and healthy before the test.
Improving the test score :-
  • When talking to the teacher ask him why the points are deducted.
  • Ask him to explain it to you if still not clear.
  • Ask the teacher what is missed in the answer .
  • Be polite and courteous to teachers during conversation.
Successful Parenting strategies :-
  • Encourage your child in the way which works for them.
  • Ask questions-- what do you think is right ? Ask them-have you tried this way instead of that ?
  • Encourage them to do group studies with 2 or 3 friends.
  • HELP is the last thing the adolescent brain wants.The more we can offer as suggestion the more the positive response is .  
More about this can be heard at www.pinccsd.org/podcasts
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Do you have pictures of the fun run, field trips, fall festival, Veterans Day or any other fun events you’ve attended at Buffalo Trail?  Please send them to yearbook@btptco.org!

Important Dates Coming Up:
January 16th Chik Fil A all Day!
January 17th PTCO Meeting 6:00pm
January 18th Multicultural Fair 6:30-8pm

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