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Monday, January 11, 2016

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Buffalo Trail PTCO
News From the Herd--January 11th, 2016
We are still collecting receipts from retailers at Southlands to earn points for our school. You can holiday shop and help our school at the same time! Receipts for photos with Santa, ice skating, and Southlands gift cards also get BT 1,000 points. Just send your receipts to school. We are holding a E4L contest between Dec.17-Jan.15th. The classroom that turns in the most receipts will win a Best Buy gift card for their classroom! Mrs. Turnquist’s class is currently in the lead!

Please join us for our general PTCO meeting in the library on Tuesday, January 12th at 6:30 pm. Babysitting provided. We will be hearing from our school nurse, Heather Hollins, Librarian Kim Casali, and Technology Instructor, Monica Winkler. We’d love to have all classroom reps and anyone else who would like to attend.

Come support Buffalo Trail by eating at Old Chicago on January 19th between 4-9pm. Let your server know that you are there to support Buffalo Trail and they will donate a portion of your purchase to our school!

The Buffalo Trail Elementary Capes and Crowns dance will be February 5th from 6:30-8:30pm.  Students can dress up as their favorite superhero or princess for a night of food, fun and dancing. Check your child’s Thursday folder for more information. We will have a volunteer sign up ready next week!

A Message from our PTCO President
IN CCSD, ACT preparation begins in middle school and has been used as a benchmark for how CCSD has prepared your students to take the ACT exam and excel in the 11th grade.  In CCSD, we have an excellent tradition of working with the  ACT exam, yet there is no explanation for the quick change to SAT that was put forth by unknown members on a committee December 23, 2015.
After many concerns from educators and parents, the CDE has decided to allow juniors to take the ACT in spring 2016.  They are also now planning a “phase in” of the SAT in years to come.  We know that within our community that when it comes to our kids education and progression in to college, we would hope that this committee would have considered a phase plan before making this decision.  The major alarm in this decision is that even our educators were unaware of the decision made.  With all the planning and preparation administrators must undertake to make sure our kids are meeting standards or above standards, this decision was clearly not made with the stakeholders in mind.  Although we as parents may not know all the ins and outs of our children’s academia, we must be included in fundamental shifts with our kids’ education and decisions that impact our school district for years to come.  We have reason to be uneasy if our educators and parents are left of our discussions concerning our children’s education.  Other fundamental changes could be on the horizon.  Not all changes are bad, but the valuable opportunity of hearing wisdom from those who want to contribute must be given.  
Superintendent, Harry Bull encourages CCSD parents to express their opinion.  Get educated on this topic and talk to other parents and teachers about it. Our Superintendent has said,  “I urge you to contact the office of the state commissioner of education at 303-866-6646  or email them at asp_e@cde.state.co.us to share your thoughts about this change. Email the state board of education at state.board@cde.state.co.us and let members know that making students face such a sudden change is unacceptable.”

Important Dates Coming Up:
December 17-January 15 Earning for Learning contest
January 12th PTCO General Meeting 6:30pm
January 19th Old Chicago Night 4-9 pm
February 5th Capes And Crowns Dance 6:30-8:30pm

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