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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 2012 News

September is when things start to pick up around the PTCO... 

FUNDRAISER: You have probably seen the fundraising packets by now! This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and goes to pay for the educational support of our school through things like Teacher Assistant grants, magazine / computer data base subscriptions and activities like Boys & Girls Reading nights.  Our whole budget hinges around this fundraiser being a success.  We appreciate your willingness to help us anyway you can!  If you have questions or comments, please let us know! We value your feedback!


FIRST RESTAURANT NIGHT: September 20th is our first restaurant night at Dairy Queen at Smoky Hill & Aurora Pkwy from 6 to 9 PM. Make sure to come out and let them know you are from Buffalo Trail!!

1st PTCO Meeting: Our first meeting of the school year is September 11th at 6:30 PM in the library.  We'd LOVE to have our parents come out and bring your suggestions, comments, ideas, etc... to this meeting. We only meet 5 times a year so if you miss this you won't have another meeting chance until November.

Student Directory/Business Ads: Our directory is in the process of being put together. We are looking for businesses who would be willing to support our school with color ads.  The prices are as follows, Business card size $25, Half Page 3.5" T x 5" W $50, Full Page 7" T x 5" W. We ask that businesses contact the PTCO's email address for payment info & to reserve their spot.

Our parents who have either checked the box during registration with the district or who have filled out our form on here by clicking on the link to the left will be included in our directory.  If you have any information you'd like to exclude, please drop us an email.

If you haven't submitted your information but would like to be included in the directory, please fill out the contact form, the link is to the left towards the top! This is automatically send us your data for the directory and for our email updates!

BOX TOPS: Collect those box tops from all types of products in your pantry and then paste them on a collection sheet...
Box Top Collection Sheet  and return to the school by the 15th of every month to be entered into our monthly drawing for prizes. We'll notify the students who won and have them come down to the office and pick from our prize box! This is a great way to support your school with little effort! Go to Box Tops (click on the word) to go see where to look for them and how else you can help your school with this program!


If you signed up for the 2 hour power... we will be contacting you soon. Keep an eye out!

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