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Monday, March 5, 2012

Yearbook Info


Every year we struggle to get enough pictures to fill our yearbook! If you have been at events throughout the year, volunteered in classrooms, or gone on field trips we'd love to see if we could use any of your pictures in our yearbook.  

We have purchased four jump drives that will be available for check out from Alyson Silkwood in the front office. We need the pictures as soon as possible as the book must be submitted by April 1st! So the deadline for all jump drives to be returned is March 16th!! We ask you that if you check one out, you are able to return it within 24 hours of check out filled with pictures that you've taken. If you could sort them in folders with grade and/or event name that would be most helpful.  And we ask that you send in group photos of students instead of individual shots, this insures we get as many students in the yearbook as possible. Please note that we'll do our best to include as many photos as possible, but we make no guarantees to which ones will end up in the yearbook.

THANK YOU for your willingness to help us fill the yearbook with lots of pictures of your students enjoying all the wonderful things at Buffalo Trail Elementary!

If you have any questions, please email us.  And, if you have just a few pictures you'd like to share, you may always email them to the same email and we'll pass them along to the yearbook designer.

Also, look for the order form to go home Thursday &/or the email to reserve your yearbook copy!

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